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   Maharaja Palace:
Built in 1911 - 12 by Wodeyar Rulers , the palace is a splendid structure in the Indo -Saracenic Style, Among its many attractions are a magnificent gold throne displayed during the Dasara celebrations.It is an entirely modern structure continuing the Hindu and saracenic styles of Architecture. Opens all seven days from 1030 Hrs to 1730 Hrs. lighting on Sunday and Public holidays between 1900 Hrs to 2000 Hrs (Depending on Sunset). Entrance Rs. 20/- per adult.
Chamundi Hills:
Chamundi Hill can be reached by a 13 Km road or by climbing up the 1000 steps laid out by the Mysore Maharaja in the 17th Century. Halfway up along the stone steps is Nandi , Lord Shiva's Bull , A Majestic 4.8 Metres monolith. At the top is the 12th Century Temple of Chamundeshwari , The Patron Goddess of the Wodeyars. The summit offers a panoramic view of Mysore's Lakes , Parks , and Palaces. Close to the Temple is the Gigantic Statue of the Demon Mahishasura.

looks like mini Tibet. Bylakuppe is 80 Km away from Mysore, where Tibetan refugees are settled.
Sri Jayachamarajendrs Art Gallery:

The Jaganmohan Palace was converted into an art gallery in 1875 and exhibits paintings, which date back to that period. The artists of that time used natural vegetable and mineral dyes. The famous traditional Mysore gold leaf paintings are also exhibited in the gallery, as are oil paintings of contemporary artists like Raja Ravi Varma and Svetoslav Rocrich.
Timings: 0830 Hrs To 1800 Hrs Entrance Fee: Rs. 20/- for adults
Brindavan Garden:
Brindavan Garden is 20 Kms Northwest of Mysore City are the famous Brindavan Gardens with the musical fountain. They stretch below the Krishnarajasagara Dam on the river Cauvery and present a breathtaking harmony of watercolour light and music.
Timings: 0900 Hrs To 2000 Hrs Illumination; 1900 Hrs To 2000 Hrs Entrance: Rs. 15/-
Zoological Gardens:
Set in one of the famed gardens of Mysore, and nearly a century old, the zoo is home to some 2,000 animals belonging to 200 different species . It has the rare distinction of breeding wild animals in captivity and is one of the few zoos to breed the venormous King Cobra.
Timings: 0830 Hrs. to 1730 Hrs. Weekly holiday :Tuesday
Fare : Above 10 years Rs. 20/- Less than 10 years Rs 10/-
St. Philomena's Church:

A beautiful Cathedral, reminiscent of medieval architectural style. Stained glass windows and lofty towers make it an imposing structure.

Timings: 0800 Hrs To 1300 Hrs & 1700 Hrs To 2000 Hrs.
Kukkaranahalli Lake:
This lake is situated in a very peaceful and serene atmosphere, very close by to the Mysore University. A lot of migratory birds come here at all seasons. It is a bird-watcher's paradise to watch these birds sitting on trees and bushes and listening to their sounds without any disturbance . There is also boating facility available as an added attraction in order to get a better view of the birds.

Ranganathittu is 12 Kms from Mysore, lush green islands on the river Cauvery, are home for an astonishing variety of migratory birds from as far away as Siberia - Spoon bills , Open bill Stork, White Ibis , Little Egret, Darter, Pond Heron, Cattle -Egret, Corniorant , Wild Duck, Peafowl, A little boat takes you close to the islands where the trees are covered with birds of different species. The only sounds are the cries of birds, swoosh of wings and the ripple of water . Ideal for picnicking and bird watching season between June and October
Srirangapatna is 16 Kms away from Mysore. It is the island fortress of Tipu Sultan, the legendary Tiger of Mysore who put up a valiant fight against British domination. The high stone walls and moats enclose palaces , temples and a great mosque.Tippu's summer palace, with its beautiful frescoes , the tombs of Tippu and Hyder Ali at Gumbaz, Royal Mosque, Wellesley Bridge and the celebrated Sri Ranganatha Temple are other monuments of from its chequered past.
80 Kms from Mysore on the way to Ooty is the well-known Bandipur Tiger Reserve, lose yourself in Kiplings jungle where elephants, sambars, spotted deer langurs, peacocks, bison and yes the majestic tiger live in harmony in the game Sanctuary. The season here is between May and November.
93 Kms from Mysore the forest of Nagarahole is now called Sri Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The forest Department has a guest house here and arranges jeep rides into the forest to enable visitors to observe the animals at close quarters. The season is between October and May.
Belur, Halebid and Shravanabelagola:

The famous Hoysala temples of Belur and Halebid are situated 160 Kms and 150 Kms respectively from Mysore. The exquisite and elegant bracket figures of the Chenna Keshava temple of Belur , one of the earliest of the star shaped temples of the Hoysalas, and the Hoysaleshwara temple at Halebid present, in the words of the famous historian Piercy Brown" the supreme climax of Indian architecture. Shravanabelagola is 80 Kms from Mysore is Shravanabelagola , the famous Dakshina Kashi of the Jainas. Situated on a hill here is the towering monolith of Gomateshwara, 17-metre height!

85 Kms to the south east of Mysore are the picture que waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Barachukki at Shivanasamudra, Asia's first hydro electric power station was set up here, in 1902. The falls are at their best in July and August.

36 Kms from Mysore in the small village of somanathpur is another of a great architectural beauty built in the 13th century A.D. The star shaped temple with three shrines named after Prasanna Chanakeshava is the latest and the best-preserved examples of Hoysala Architecture.

45 Kms from Mysore is a strange phenomenon an ancient town buried under centuries of sand only the Dravidian style Vaideshwara Temple is visible above the ground. Once in twelve years during the Panchalinga Dharshana, the sleeping town awakes to festivities and fair.
48 Kms from Mysore on rocky hills is the Chcluvanarayana Temple at Melukote. Ramanujacharya, the Srivaishnava saint, philosopher, took shelter here from his persecutors. In March / April the Vairmudi festival draws thousands of pilgrims'
Kabini River Lodge:

Situated 80 Kms from Mysore in the Karapur (Southern Part of Nagarahole) is the old hunting lodge of the Maharaja's and Viceroy's. The lodge on the banks of the river Kabini arranges jeep rides and elephant rides into the jungle and coracle rides on the kabini for bird watching. A naturalist guide helps you identify the many varieties of birds and wild beasts.
This picturesque range of hills between two rivers. 110 Kms from Mysore takes its name from the temple of Billigiri Ranganatha Swami situated on the highest point of the range. The Ratha festival is held twice annually in January and April. Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd has tented camp. They arrange wildlife safaris.
Fact Sheet: 
Area 37.30 Sq. Kms.
Population 9,50,000
Latitude & Longitude 1211.18'N 760.112'E
Climate Tropical
Temperature Range 35"c to 20"c
Clothing Light Cotton
Tourism Season September to May
International Dialling Code 0091 - 821

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