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      Postal Training Centre Mysore is a premier Training Centre of Department of Posts that runs high quality training programs for postal personnel. In keeping with the mandate of the department of Posts to introduce large scale computerization and automation in postal Operations , PTC has equipped itself with the state of art computer training facilities and trains a large number of personnel in IT related activities. The Postal Training Centre at Mysore is housed in a palace, which formerly belonged to Royal Family of Mysore. The campus is spread over an area of 31.5 acres with hostels, play-grounds and other amenities for trainees.    

Train Timings at Mysore Junction
Train No.Train NameDeparture From Mysorevia StationDays RunningArrival at Mysore
231/232Mysore-Bangalore Passenger05.50amBangaloreExcept Sunday01.50pm
16215/16216Chamundi Express06.45amBangaloreAll Days09.10pm
12975/12976Jaipur Express(Super Fast)10.15amBangaloreThursdays & Saturdays04.10pm
229/230Mysore-Bangalore Passenger08.20amBangaloreAll Days08.55am
12613/12614Tippu Express (Super Fast)11.00amBangaloreAll Days05.30pm
7303/7304Mysore-Yeshwanthpura Express12.10pmBangaloreAll Days03.00pm
16210/16209Mysore-Ajmer-Mysore Express06.15pmBangaloreTuesdays & Thurdays07.10pm
12008/12007Shatabdi Express02.15pmBangaloreExcept Wednesdays01.00pm
237/238Mysore-Bangalore Passenger02.30pmBangaloreExcept Sunday10.30pm
16232/16231Mysore-Mayiladu Thurai Express03.45pmBangaloreAll Days09.20am

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